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Hero Box Program

Our Hero Box program selects 2-4 children per month and sends them a box full of love. Tailored to gender, age and ability, it can contain books, toys, gift cards, and themed to the interests of the child. The names are referred to us.



 Hospital Visits

​Every time one of our special case children is in the hospital, we visit them, brining gifts, leting them know they are not alone. Often times, we are contacted by hospitals, to make their patients' day's a little brighter, by doing crafts, or bringing gifts.


Special Case Children

​Usually referred to us by parents, our Special Case Children are fighting serious battles. We throw them birthday parties, have Princess Days, Hero Days, send gifts for every holiday, and also their siblings. We provide them with an opportunity to have the focus on them, not their battles.

Community Events

​We pride ourselves in being very active in our community and the people who reside in it. From literacy programs, anti-bullying events, career day speaking engagements, and event walks, we are involved in them all.



Holidays at the Hospitals


Holidays in the hospital are especially rough on children. Our team makes visits to the pediatric floors of the hospitals, to help them have a normal experience. At Halloween, we bring treats to Trick-or-Treat in the hallways. At Christmas, we bring toys!

Public Apperances

​Part of what we do to raise funds and collect toy donations for the children we work with is public apperances. 

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